If you’re reading this, you’re likely planning a visit to Mexico and searching for fun things to do in the Guadalajara area.

Tlaquepaque was designated “Pueblo Mágico” in 2018.[2] It is a resort focused on the crafts of pottery, textiles and [blowing glass]. Its streets and walkers are adorned with various Casonas of the last century, in addition to colonial constructions, the Tapatío Tour arrives at the municipality on one of its routes. Main attractions include:

  • St. Peter’s Parish – enclosure built by the Franciscan Order, which receives the category of Parish in 1845, constitutes one of the spiritual pillars[citation needed] of San Pedro Tlaquepaque. Its construction is a mixture of styles, including: Byzantine, Baroque and Roman. At the front is the terminus of St. John Paul II.
  • Jardín Hidalgo – with its square and kiosk surrounded by fresh palms, ash and roses
  • Municipal Palace – this colonial building dates from the nineteenth century. Currently, it is used as administrative and government offices of San Pedro Tlaquepaque. On the second floor is the mural “Historia de Fuego” by the artist Camilo Ramírez and the large format painting “Yolotl” by Eusebio Sánchez Benítez; worthy of admiration.
  • El Parián – This famous and typical building that characterizes San Pedro Tlaquepaque is a place of family gathering and recreation and place for civic and social festivities. It currently has 18 restaurants and bars.

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