Tlaquepaque Pueblito

Tlaquepaque walking tour

Tlaquepaque Pueblito SAN PEDRO TLAQUEPAQUE The first time we visited Guadalajara, we didn’t have much time to do more than walk around the historic centre, have lunch at the monstrous Mercado Libertad (the largest indoor market in Latin America) and join in on the chanting at an entertaining night of Lucha Libre. It wasn’t until […]

Welcome to Tonala

Welcome To Tonala One of my favourite pastimes is exploring the artisanal markets of Mexico. When it came time to outfit our apartment in Guadalajara we knew we wanted to find the best markets in our vicinity. As we solicited our friends and natives of the area, we received overwhelming feedback to check out the […]

Beautiful Guadalajara

Beautiful Guadalajara Guadalajara is the second-largest city in Mexico and is a cultural center with an inspiring combination of new and old. The city is where Mariachi music began, and some say tequila also started here. Charreria, a rodeo-like sport, also originated here and is still popular. It is home to the Guadalajara International Film Festival. The city also […]

Meet the Guachimontones

Meet the Guachimontones Pyramids The excavated ruins of Guachimontones rival many of the best in Mexico in terms of the overall effect: the setting, on a hillside over a lake, makes a dramatic link to a mysterious past. Occupied from roughly 350 BC to 350 AD, the ruins predate the Aztecs and don’t seem to […]