Jalisco Trip emerges in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico in 2018 thanks to a group of people passionate about making Jalisco's culture, art and gastronomy known. Its founders are Fernando Ayala and David Arce. The first is a Sociologist specialized in the History of Jalisco and agave drinks. The second is a certified local guide with more than 8 years of experience in tourism and an entrepreneur in the gastronomy of Guadalajara. The two worked in the tourism sector for several years before assembling a work team and founding Jalisco Trip. After working as guides with visitors from all over the world, mainly from the United States, they realized the lack of high-quality Premium bilingual tourist services. This is how they decided to start with an agency that offered trips, transportation, tours, professional tastings and private events, which could be one or several days with personalized service and a tailor-made itinerary, focused on the wishes of the visitor.

Our main objective is to provide the traveler with a unique, educational and cultural experience when visiting the beautiful state of Jalisco. Over the years, we have focused on designing the most attractive routes in terms of the region's cultural, historical, architectural, artistic and gastronomic richness. Of course, always contrasting our vision with the interests of the visitor. That is why all our services are customizable according to the client's wishes. We believe that there is not only one correct route, but that we are open to dialogue and feedback from our clients. We are convinced that in order to introduce you to the regional culture of Jalisco and enjoy a unique experience, it is necessary to understand the context and its historical journey, that is why all our activities are carried out with experts in the field. People and families of local producers who belong to a tradition and who are passionate about what they do.

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Jalisco Trip was born with the idea of being authentic and creative. It is important for us to avoid discrimination and abuse against the national or foreign visitor. Undoubtedly, our values are based on ethical principles such as respect, justice, dialogue, freedom, diversity, equality, tolerance, and constructive criticism. Always considering all parties and all points of view.



Local guide

I was born in Ensenada, Baja California, a small fishing town in northern Mexico near the US border. Due to the cultural diversity in my hometown. I love transmitting the knowledge and history of my country to those who show interest. It is extremely interesting and valuable to see how many people come to Mexico to learn about our traditions, customs, landscapes, art, food and drinks. As a Mexican, I will always be proud to share the beautiful and incredible things Mexico has to offer!


Local guide

Born in Guadalajara, I am studying a degree in nutrition at the University of Guadalajara, I am passionate about sports, fitness and in general being healthy. I joined a trip to Jalisco as a guide in order to do something different, meet people from all over the world, practice languages and transmit my culture to other people.


Local guide

I am proudly Tapatía, I am a Sociology student at the University of Guadalajara and for some time I work in civil protection. I am open, sincere and outgoing but also prudent. I am a guide because I love learning and having dialogues about interesting topics especially if it is about my culture and traditions.


Local guide

I am a teacher of English, French and Spanish for foreigners. Pleased to be part of Jalisco Trip, to share the historical, cultural and gastronomic wealth that the state offers us. Motivated by the traveling spirit of people, interested in visiting, exploring and discovering new destinations. It will be a pleasure to guide you on your journey through the corners of Jalisco.

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