Private Tequila Tour with local expert

Tequila Tour Tasting at Cava de Oro distillery

Tour the craft distilleries in the Tequila Valley and try their Premium Tequilas with an expert guide.
On this unique, educational, and fun full-day experience, you will visit award-winning distilleries owned by local families with a legacy in the tequila industry who craft their products with great passion and dedication.
You will be able to appreciate the beautiful agave fields and visit the magical town of Tequila, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2006.
You will have enough time to learn, take excellent photographs and of course, taste the delicious local cuisine.
This Tequila Tour is dedicated to Tequila aficionados or those looking for an authentic, immersive, and personalized experience.

History and Muralism: Guadalajara Walking Tour

Tour the historic center with a local expert. Live a cultural experience that will take you through the history, traditions, and ways of life of the Tapatíos.
You will visit the main attractions of the city center: squares, monuments, churches, walkways, colonial buildings, and local craft shops. Appreciate the striking murals of José Clemente Orozco, one of the great exponents of Mexican muralism.
After learning about the history and appreciating the architecture and art, we will end up at the Libertad market where you can find dozens of options to try Jalisco’s traditional foods and drinks such as tejuino, cake drowned, and birria.
This is an immersion tour into the local culture. The idea is to share knowledge and create a social, friendly, and fun atmosphere. It is an essential tour if you have just a few days to explore Guadalajara.

Pulque Tasting with Local Expert

About Discover one of the most emblematic Pulquerias of Guadalajara at the same time you learn and taste the ancestral Mexican alcoholic beverage par excellence. Before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors, the drink most consumed by the natives was aguamiel and pulque. The pre-Hispanic tribes did not know beer or wine. It was until […]

Barrio de Analco & Craft Beer Tasting

About Stroll the oldest neighborhood in the city of Guadalajara, founded by the Franciscan friars and indigenous groups “”””Caxcanes”””” in 1543. You will visit its emblematic places (squares, churches, colonial buildings, monuments, local market.) Learning its history directly from a local expert. After a 90-minute historical tour, we will refresh ourselves in the facilities of […]

Full-Day Tapalpa Mountains Small-Group Tour from Guadalajara


About Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a unique full-day, ecotourism, and nature experience hosted by a local expert. Travel from Guadalajara to the highlands of Tapalpa, Jalisco. Immersed in the Sierra, this is considered Magic Town for its beautiful architecture, cool weather, local cuisine, and landscapes. It is […]

Craft Tequila & Mezcal Tasting with a local expert

About During this fun and educational experience, you will learn everything that a good taster of Tequilas and Mezcales should know: its history, its differences, and similarities in flavor, color, aroma, production techniques, raw materials, designations of origin, regulations as well as its link with Mexican traditions, music, and art. During the tasting and pairing, […]

Traditional Cantinas Tour in the historic center of Guadalajara

About Spend the night living the experience of “Cantinas”, Mexican taverns that have a unique mix between the old and the modern, places full of culture and Mexican history. As a result of progress and industrialization in Mexico, the working class and the middle class emerged. Thanks to this, the cantinas emerged in the late […]

Private Tequila Tour with Local Expert

Tequila Tour Tasting at Cava de Oro distillery

Indulge your love of Mexico’s most famous spirit during a private tour of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Tequila Route in Jalisco. Discover the true story behind Tequila while enjoying high-quality premium Tequilas.