Traditional Cantinas Tour in the historic center of Guadalajara


Spend the night living experience of “Cantinas”, Mexican taverns that have a unique mix between the old and the modern, places full of culture and Mexican history. As a result of progress and industrialization in Mexico, the working class and the middle class emerged. Thanks to this, the cantinas emerged in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. These places were generally located in neo-colonial buildings in the areas of trade and commerce of that time, what we now know as the historical center. On this tour, you will walk through the historic center and visit the “Cantinas” that are frequented by the Tapatíos (word for Guadalajara citizens). Enjoy drinks and snacks typical of the region. In the “Cantinas” there is no discrimination; They are well known for their friendly and lively atmosphere. During the tour, your local host will share the history, myths, and legends behind each place. An essential tour if you have a few days to discover Guadalajara.
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